Traffic Tickets are quite easy to get nowadays.

Unfortunately for most of the motoring public, tickets are quite easy to get nowadays.

Modern technology has provided today’s Law Enforcement with numerous tools and gadgets that make it simple and cost-effective to easily locate motorists that violate the rules of the road. As a Law Enforcement Officer currently assigned to a productive Traffic Division, I can promise you that if you haven’t yet gotten a ticket, you most likely will sooner or later. No matter how careful you are on the roads, everyone makes mistakes. One day, another traffic cop like me will be out there to catch that mistake.traffic ticket attorneys san antonio

Still skeptical? Let me tell you a little about a typical day at work for me. Perhaps you will see that no matter how careful, no matter how safely you drive, one day you will probably find yourself on the receiving end of a traffic ticket. Read on: More about Traffic ticket Attorneys here:

My night shift starts uneventfully. I power up my video camera so I can catch violations on camera. I make sure I have extra ink cartridges for the ticket printer; I don’t want to run out and not be able to issue citations. The gas tank of my patrol car gets filled and I test my dash-mounted radar to make sure it is working properly. I fire up the hand-held laser and check it too. A quick glance at my watch shows that it’s 5:00 PM and time to head out. The rush hour traffic is sure to yield several good tickets, and I know I will find some more “customers” later on in the evening if I keep my eyes open.

Rare is the day when I don’t find several tickets to write to unlucky motorists. Technology has made it very easy for me. My dash-mounted radar is my favorite tool. It gets used quite often; as I’ll often hide around curves or at the bottom of hills, and catch speeders before they even know I am there. By the time the driver actually spots me, it’s too late. But stationary radar is not the only use for my dash-mounted radar. I can operate moving radar while driving from point A to point B, and often collect several citations before I reach my destination. While I’m driving around running radar, I have a computer program that allows me to check the license plates of motorists around me. If there is a problem with a license plate, such as an expired decal, or a registrant with a suspended license, I can be sure I will get a few tickets for stopping that vehicle.

I also keep my eyes peeled for other obvious offenders: Red light runners, people that violate the right of way of others, and of course, those impatient people that like to “roll” through stop signs. These violations make easy tickets for me.

Sometimes we play dirty. A bunch of traffic cops will get together, and one will “dress up” as a surveyor. He will place a hand-held laser in a tripod and pretend to be “surveying” near a busy roadway. In actuality, the “surveyor” is actually clocking speeders and radioing the information to cops that are hidden down the road. The result-you get busted. We often use many variations on this theme.

I hardly even have to put in any effort when I sit down to write a ticket. I have a license reader that allows me to “swipe” your license like a credit card. The reader then transmits your license data to a pre-made ticket form on my computer. I add a few things to the ticket and then hit the “print” button. Voila! A few seconds later, and I have a nice printed citation personalized for you. The minutes saved by the license reader and ticket printer free up more time for me to go out and stop more cars.

While that pretty much sums up my workday, it doesn’t mean that when the cops aren’t around, you are off the hook. We now have cameras everywhere that can generate tickets when we are not around. Many people have heard of the “red light” cameras and the “toll-booth” cameras. They are real, and a lot of government money is generated from those tickets.

What does this mean for you? Basically, with all the newfangled technology that cops are running around with, chances are good that you will get a ticket- no matter how careful you are.