Clifton Attorney Protecting New Jersey Workers for 6 years

When, after all your hard work and commitment to the job, you are injured abruptly in a workplace accident, it can have devastating consequences for you, your family and your future employment prospects. The distressing aftermath of a workplace injury can leave you feeling vulnerable and alone.

At our firm, I can help you obtain the compensation for your injuries or illness that you rightfully deserve, including:

  • Compensation for permanent disability
  • Dependents’ recovery for worker’s death
  • Lost wages or salary
  • Retraining costs

Qualifying for workers comp

You are entitled to workers compensation for an injury or illness that occurred at your workplace or while you were engaged in a work-related activity, regardless of whether the injury or illness occurred in connection with your job. Even in the absence of your employer’s fault or negligence, you can still receive the help you need through workers compensation benefits.

Waiving workers compensation

When you accept a workers compensation payment, you forfeit your right to pursue other remedies against a negligent employer. It is important to understand the difference between taking a lump sum payment for a disability or a Section 20, which permits the reopening of the case, should you continue to suffer from ailments after a settlement has been done.